Corde Ensemble - Besides

The places and times can not represent a boundary for the Arts. For this reason it is natural to compare distant and seemingly contradictory musical universes in an attempt to go beyond and besides definitions of genre and style.


Years ago I understood that a collective re-education of listening and consideration of the impresario was now underway and that this could already be seen in the concert season programmes: the solo names were little by little replaced by chamber and orchestral ensembles…

Many musical events enjoyed a greater audience presence the more instruments were present on stage. It seemed clear that whoever had the gift of excelling, motivating himself and other members to form an instrumental whole giving the best of his own interpretative abilities, resulting from the fusion of several artistic personalities in a common artistic good, would have created something truly exceptional and certainly a concert future. Today we are witnessing the realization of this prediction.

The group formed by Valentina Fortunati, Carmen Martinez, Mikhail Pazì and Luca Guidi possesses a very high degree of professionalism and maturity of sound which are the result of the profound knowledge, which each element possesses and expresses, of its own part and its participation in the ‘Together. I would like to wish the Quartet that their efforts and artistic results will be recognized throughout the world and that thanks to their example the trend towards chamber music will increasingly be a reality in which to hope for the future of the guitar.

Oscar Ghiglia

The 24 Cordes Ensemble is a talented formation that promises a better future. This concert is so enchanting that it brings enthusiasm, energy, authenticity and humour. These four guitarists are ahead of all of the magnificent musicians who don’t have the resounding complicity that expresses generally the desire to share the joy of playing, they always feel a technique of their own and find the right cohesion in an intelligent synthesis of their diversity.

Luc Van der Borght